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Hawaiian Island Theater :
Purchase snacks at your 

UX/ UI Case Study


October 2022 - January 2023


Mobile App 


Figma & Google Suite


A snack ordering app for a locally chained movie theater. An app that helps users buy food and drinks conveniently, where orders can easily be made to pick up snacks at the counter, or have them delivered to their seats, ensuring a seamless movie experience.


As a UX/UI designer and researcher in lead, I am responsible for overseeing the app's design process from its initiation to its completion.

  • Conducting interviews

  • Competitive audits

  • Creating paper and digital wireframing

  • Designing Low and High-fidelity prototypes

  • Planning and conducting usability studies

  • Analyzing research findings

  • Iterating on designs 


​​Users often encounter challenges when attempting to purchase snacks at the movie theater. These challenges arise from constraints such as limited time, long queues, and the desire to avoid leaving their seats and potentially missing parts of the movie.

Understanding Users

User Characteristics

  • Users looking for a fast and convenient snack ordering experience.

  • Users seek to avoid waiting in long lines while ordering snacks.


  • Users want quick and streamlined processes for ordering and delivery or pickup.


User Research

Interviews with diverse users for our movie theater snack-ordering app revealed valuable insights. Preferences varied, with some favoring traditional snacks and others seeking healthier options. The findings emphasized the importance of offering a variety of snacks, personalized recommendations, and convenient ordering processes.

Pain Points we identified after the first round of research


Depending on the users age, some found it difficult to navigate and purchase snacks through an app.


Users wanted healthier snack options on the menu


Users wanted an easier way to order snacks besides waiting in line.

Our Users

Based on primary research, I created personas that represent and point out the users goals, frustrations, and needs.

User Persona

KJW Weekly Challenge-15.jpg

User Journey Map

Zareen's user journey emphasized the importance of a user-friendly snack ordering app for movie theaters, facilitating seamless communication and direct interaction for customers to order snacks without any hassle.

HIT JMap.jp2

Ideation Phase

During the ideation phase, I engaged in sketching designs and developing two storyboards for the app. One storyboard focused on close-up details of the app's functionality, while the other presented a broader overview of the user's interaction.

IMG_8328 2.heic

Paper wireframes

I sketched out several versions of what the homescreen for the food and drink menu could possibly look like. I starred and highlighted the most useful and accessible aspects the app for the user.    

Digital Wireframes

This initial design of the digital wireframes for the snack ordering app served as the fundamental starting point for my work. It provided a solid foundation that allowed me to progress and make numerous improvements and adjustments throughout the process.

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 8.08.51 PM.png

Low-fidelity Prototype:

The initial wireframes provided a foundation for the snack ordering app. User feedback from usability testing guided improvements, including adding necessary buttons and functions, such as item quantity selection.

First Usability Testing


I conducted two rounds of usability studies. Findings from the first study helped guide the designs from wireframes to mockups. The second study used a high-fidelity prototype and

revealed what aspects of the mockups needed refining.


Round 1 Findings

  1. Users want a more convenient way to purchase snacks

  2. Users want a delivery option 

  3. Users want to be able to select quantity for food and drink items

Round 2 Findings


  1. Users want snacks to be categorized

  2. Users want a favorites or popular items list for food and drinks

  3. Users want an order confirmation sent to them by text or email

Low-fidelity - Digital wireframes - Homeage

Low-fidelity - Digital wireframes - View Your Cart Page

Low-fidelity - Digital wireframes

- Payment Page

Image 6-26-23 at 7.24 PM.jpeg
Image 6-26-23 at 7.27 PM.jpeg
Image 6-26-23 at 7.12 PM.jpeg

Final Designs

The app's designs changed to create a simplified and user-friendly look for easier navigation. Food types were organized into groups, including a "Local Favorites" category.

The white background highlights the colorful images, while streamlined buttons enhance user experience.

KJW Weekly Challenge-12.jpg

Design Guide

KJW Weekly Challenge-13.jpg

High-fidelity Prototype

The designs offer a wide range of snacks, convenient ordering access, and interactive features for an enhanced movie-watching experience. They address usability issues and provide a seamless way for users to select and purchase snacks while enjoying films.

Image 7-8-23 at 2.52 AM.jpeg

Accessibility Considerations 

  • Used basic English language for most users of all ages to understand.

  • Added text underneath images and icons to make it easier to navigate for the visually impaired.

  • Used clear images to make selection on items easier. 

Lessons Learnt

While developing the snack ordering app for Hawaiian Island Theaters, I came to realize that the app is a living entity, constantly evolving. This led me to understand the importance of continual improvement. Additionally, I learned that our ideas are valuable only if they effectively meet the wants and needs of our audience.

Next Steps

  • Conduct another round of usability studies to see if the users’ pain points have been addressed.

  • Gather more feedback from the users, and see which areas we can fine tune, and improve on.

Thank you for taking the time to read this case study

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