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Apts for Rent :
Find apartment units to rent, buy, or sell with ease

UX/ UI Case Study


January 2023 - March 2023


Mobile & Desktop Website


Adobe XD & Google Suite


An apartment rental website that offers users a platform to access apartment listings posted exclusively by certified Real Estate Agents. Users have the convenience of directly contacting these Agents to view available apartment units for rent or purchase. Additionally, they can seek assistance in advertising their own apartment units on the platform.


I took on the role of a UX and UI Designer and Researcher, leading the Apts for Rent website project from start to finish.


  • Conducting interviews

  • Conducting in-depth competitive audits

  • Creating paper and digital wireframing

  • Creating mockups

  • Designing Low and High-fidelity prototypes

  • Planning and conducting usability studies

  • Analyzing research findings

  • Iterating on designs


The complexity that users face when seeking apartment rentals. Various factors, such as individuals lacking credit history, struggling to find available units in preferred locations, and feeling overwhelmed by the search process, contribute to this challenge.


To create a user-friendly website that caters to diverse users, including different age groups and individuals with disabilities. To effortlessly find apartment units for rent, sale, or purchase, with a primary focus on simplicity and inclusivity.

Undestanding Users

​User Characteristics

  • Users that are looking for affordable apartment options within their desired price range.


  • Users that prioritize specific neighborhoods or proximity to amenities and attractions.

  • Users who value specific amenities and features in their apartment.

User Research

User interviews for our apartment rental website revealed valuable insights into tenant needs. Participants from diverse backgrounds expressed preferences for location, amenities, and rental budgets. Personalized search options, detailed property information, and transparent pricing are vital to meet the diverse needs of our users.

Pain Points we identified after the first round of research


Users want a streamlined apartment rental experience without being overwhelmed by an excessive number of listings in specific areas.


Users want straightforward and affordable pricing.


Users want a user-friendly apartment rental website that simplifies the process of finding apartments in preferred locations.

Defining the problem

After identifying pain points, I defined the problem with the help of "how might we statements."

"How might we help users easily find and secure their ideal apartment?"

Design Guide

Our Users

Based on primary research, I created personas that represent and point out the users goals, frustrations, and needs.

User Persona

Website Sitemap_ Apt Renatls-3.jpg

Site Map

I used the insights and understanding gained about the user's needs, preferences, and behaviors to develop a site map that effectively organized and structured the website's content and navigation.

Website Sitemap_ Apt Renatls.jpg


After creating a site map, I conducted a competitive audit of key rental website competitors, which helped me identify areas of improvement and opportunities to enhance our own website.

Paper Wireframes

When sketching the paper wireframes, I primarily focused on designing the homepage and identified the most useful sections for the website by marking them in the sketches.

IMG_8384 2.heic

Digital Wireframes

After finalizing the paper wireframes, I used Adobe XD to transfer them into digital wireframes, allowing me to create a more detailed and polished visual representation of the website's layout, features, and content.

Image 6-25-23 at 6.15 PM.jpeg

Low-fidelity Prototype:


Here is a close-up of the low-fidelity prototype for Apts for Rent.

First Usability Testing 

To understand how users interact with our website, I conducted multiple rounds of usability studies. In the first study, we used a low-fidelity prototype of the website to see how easy it was to navigate and complete tasks. The results helped us improve the design of the website's mockups. In the second study, we used a high-fidelity prototype of the website to make further improvements based on user feedback.


The usability studies addressed key questions:

  • Can users easily find available apartments?

  • Can users find their preferred locations, price ranges, or agents?


  • How did users feel about the overall apartment rental website?

  • What areas can we improve on?

These were key findings or insights we wanted to highlight.


Users desire a user-friendly and intuitive website, where they can easily navigate and find what they need without feeling overwhelmed by clutter.


Users desire both interior and exterior photographs of apartments, aiming for better visual representation.


Users expect improved services when it comes to moving to a new apartment and contacting our agents.

Website Homepage

Moving from paper to digital wireframes it was much clearer to see how to address user pain points and improve the overall user experience by keeping it clean and simple.  


The search bar is positioned at the top and center of the webpage, ensuring immediate visibility for users.

Homepage Variations

Screen size variations for website and mobile website.

To ensure a seamless experience,

I maintained consistent elements and layout across both the mobile and website versions.

Final Designs

Before Usability studies - Homepage

After Usability studies - Homepage

Image 6-25-23 at 7.01 PM.jpeg

I improved the homepage based by enhancing the text hierarchy, adding user-friendly icons like a favorite button, and making it more engaging and easy to navigate for users.

To improve intuitive navigation, the use of more descriptive imageries was added. While also using more bigger and bolder text to ensure easy reading.

Before Usability studies - View Apartment page

After Usability studies - View Apartment page

Image 6-25-23 at 7.03 PM.jpeg

Design Guide

Apts for Rent SS.png

High-fidelity Prototype:

After gathering valuable insights from the usability studies, we made important improvements to the high-fidelity prototype's user flow. We used the gathered information to make necessary changes, resulting in an enhanced user experience.

Image 6-25-23 at 8.45 PM.jpeg

Accessibility Considerations 

  • Used icons with accompanying text for easy navigation.

  • Used clear detailed images to showcase apartments rentals.

Lessons Learnt

From the experience of designing the Apts for Rent website, I gained the understanding that user-centric design is crucial. Throughout the entire process, I recognized the importance of considering the wants and needs of the users. This perspective guided me in making necessary adjustments and improvements to ensure the design effectively catered to the preferences of the target audience.

Next Steps

  • Conduct another round of usability studies to validate whether the pain points users experienced have been effectively addressed.

  • Conduct more user research to determine any new areas of need 

Thank you for taking the time to read this case study

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