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Kaname is a UX/UI Designer who thrives on creating authentic, user-friendly, and functional designs. With a passion for crafting intuitive interfaces, his goal is to make technology easy to use and enjoyable for all, one thoughtfully design interaction at a time.


- Case Study

- Mobile App & Responsive

Web Design

- Course/Personal Project

Enhancing Individuals
for Health
and Well-being

An all-in-one fitness app that helps users connect with a personal trainer to tailor workouts and keep them motivated to achieve their exercise goals. 

- Case Study

- Mobile App 

- Course/Personal Project

Improving Snack Purchases At
The Movie Theater

A movie theater app that enables faster and convenient snack purchases with streamlined ordering and delivery options.

movie theater.jpg

- Case Study

- Website & Mobile Website

- Course/Personal Project

Connecting users with landlords for a stress-free experience

Connecting users with agents offering a diverse selection of rentals tailored to different qualification criteria.


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